Orine Shionoha / VA : Orine Fukushima


Orine lost her parent by the car accident after she was born and lived alone. She was taking part in an incident so she had to ran away from police. Suddenly, an organization came up to her and demand to release the space station which was taken over by someone.


Satomi Shionoha / VA : Kikuko Inoue


Orine's mother. She lost her life in 19 years ago by the car accident. Orine was brought to the station and she appeared in the similitude of her twenty.


Yuri Aoshima / VA : Atsuko Tanaka


Yuri is an agent belong to an organization. Yuri was searching for Orine, a key person, to release their hijacked station.


SENSEI (Professor) / VA : Hiroaki Hirata


SENSEI is a mysterious man who carry out a plan within a station. He always carry a dirty panda stuffed animal.


Yukio Shinoda / VA : Ryuichi Kijima


Yuri's faithful vassal. He is familiar with computer system so he established a virus trap and took charge of analysis system in the station.


Mizuki Seno / VA : Chihiro Ishiguro


A shuttle operator of docking station who is always on duty. She took charge of station's status management and contact peoples.